Tongxin_WangDepartment/Institution: Engineering/Dentistry, Howard University

Research Interest: Develop Bioresorbable Nanocomposites for Bone Fixation
RTRN Support
$25,000 RTRN Small Grant 2011

Current RTRN Collaborators

  • Hunter College
  • American Dental Association Health
  • Foundation, National Institute of Standards Technology

“Indeed, we are grateful to the support from RTRN Small Grant. Particularly for our young faculty, this RTRN Small Grant is very useful and timely. This grant not only provides us the budget for supplies and small equipment, but also creates an opportunity to collaborate with other prestigious scientists from across the consortium of RCMI grantee institutions and other institutions. Certainly, this grant will provides us the capability to generate more preliminary data for the NIH R01 award application.”