Ethnicity and Monocyte Epigenetic Patterns of Metabolic Disease in HIV infection


LIshPIC1-150x150Inflammation has been linked as a potential mediator of an increase in cardiometabolic risk in HIV treated patients. This research proposal will allow the development of novel molecular diagnostic assays that can enable effective intervention strategies to reduce mortalities and morbidities among HIV infected subjects with insulin resistance and related outcomes especially in populations that suffer from a higher incidence of such outcomes than the generation population, including in particular Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and African Americans. This is highly relevant given that socio-economic and lifestyle factors that contribute to insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk that have been associated with altered epigenetic profiles. This study is therefore consistent with the mission the RCMI CC in strengthening a research study to promote the prevention and treatment of diseases in minorities to enhance the health of all individuals so that they can live longer and more fulfilling lives.