The Role of ERK2 as a Mediator of Snail Induced Resistance to Chemotheray in Breast Cancer


Giulio-picture-20141Dr. Francia (UTEP) and Dr. Odero-Marah (Clark Atlanta) will investigate the role of the ERK2 protein as a mediator of Snail-induced resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer. They will test the hypothesis that ERK2 mediatesSnail induced metastatic capacity and drug resistance in human breast cancer preclinical model. If correct, this hypothesis would suggest that ERK2 may be a therapeutic target for those breast cancers that show increased capacity to spread and increased resistance to chemotherapy as a consequence of their expression of the Snail protein.Late stages of breast cancer more adversely affect minority groups, according to the survival statistics from the American Cancer Society. Therefore it is important that we increase our understanding of how best to tackle the late stages of the disease. Overall these efforts should contribute to our mission to reduce health disparities for breast cancer.