RCMI CC is a collaborative network environment for RCMI biomedical researchers. RCMI CC is a resource-centered consortium, that offers scientists an interface to a broad range of research resources to harness and streamline collaborative capabilities across physical boundaries in research and training.

Who are RCMI CC Scientists?

RCMI Coordinating Center scientists are a cooperatively networked group of researchers. These scientist conduct translational research in health disparity areas and collaborate to discover improved health outcomes.

What are RCMI CC scientists doing?

RCMI CC investigators are engaged in translational research collaborations across the RCMI institutions, with other academic health centers, and with health care providers and community groups to address the most pressing health concerns affecting minority and under-resourced communities.

How do RCMI CC scientists engage collaboratively?

RCMI CC scientists are brought together in “Research Clusters” based on their scientific interests to generate ideas and implement innovative inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary research. Through the network’s translational research cluster system utilizing cyber workspaces, our researchers generate ideas and implement multi-site research projects that are supported by state-of-the-art clinical and collaboration tools and technologies.

How do I engage/collaborate with RCMI CC scientists?

RCMI CC is a resource for all scientists, researchers, post docs and graduate students at the 18 RCMIs. Investigators representing other academic research centers can access RCMI CC through their collaborative work with an RCMI researcher who is serving as lead on the project.

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