Collaborative solutions to improve health outcomes & reduce health disparities
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RTRN provides a seamless research environment for collaborations, information and data sharing, and research development and implementation through the use of innovative technologies and practical scientific guidance.

Our researchers are supported throughout the complex stages of initiating and managing multi-site, interdisciplinary studies that include formulating research questions that can be addressed through collaborative, team science; obtaining expert assistance in protocol and proposal review; and, developing customized technological applications to manage large data files and proprietary patient information.

With an experienced team of investigators, clinicians, data managers, statisticians and technologists, RTRN enables our researchers to expedite health discovery.

To move research from development to implementation, and then translated for community use and practice, RTRN offers an array of scientific and professional services that include:
  • Research Development

    Research Development

    Our investigators receive practical assistance that enables them to quickly and efficiently identify potential collaborators and core resources, formulate research ideas, and establish effective multi-disciplinary teams to address problems in health disparities. With the help of the Research Coordinating Center (RCC) liaisons and Research Networking and Resources Navigators, our researchers are empowered with the expertise, tools and resources needed to reduce the challenges of initiating multi-site, inter-disciplinary research endeavors. Our RCC Liaisons work closely with our researchers from the point of ideas generation through the preparation of proposals with the desired outcome of securing funds to implement multi-institutional studies.

  • Research Implementation

    Research Implementation

    RTRN research implementation support is available once our investigators have formed their collaborative research teams, submitted their proposals and have been awarded. Research implementation includes protocol review and ethical and regulatory support and most importantly, clinical trials monitoring and management. Our Protocol Review Committee ensures that the new project protocols utilize scientifically sound and appropriate research methods and statistical analysis. Our ethics and regulatory experts review proposed RTRN multi-site studies with human participants to ensure that they conform to the federal and locally accepted ethical guidelines. Review by our ethics and regulatory experts, is essential if the researchers intend to publish the results of their investigation.
    Once our researchers have tested new therapies or procedures in their laboratories and in animal studies, the ones with the most promising lab results can be moved to clinical trials. Led by our team of highly experienced clinical research professionals equipped --with a thorough knowledge of Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and federal regulations, and an understanding of cutting-edge study management tools and the latest data management technologies -- RTRN provides effective and efficient management of Phase 1-IV studies.

  • Biostatistics


    RTRN offers comprehensive biostatistical support. Our services includes identifying the best designs for hypotheses evaluation and sample size allocation, planning and use of advanced statistical methods for analysis, and consultation for reports, publications and presentations. Our biostatistical team provides expertise critical to the development of research proposals and the implementation of clinical and translational studies.

  • Information Security and Technology Integration (ISTI)

    Information Security and Technology Integration (ISTI)

    Our network provides state-of-the-art information security and technology integration solutions to facilitate team science across the RCMI research community. We have a diverse portfolio of applications such Oracle Clinical, Arugus Safety and REDcap that enhance clinical trials management and translational research projects. Tools are available that support remote data capture, data validation, and reporting. An experienced ISTI team develops, enhances and supports business systems implementation, software development and technical maintenance.



  • Data Management

    Data Management

    We provide expertise and support in all areas of data management, employing the industry’s best practices and ensuring the highest level of data integrity. Our comprehensive data management support includes but is not limited to:

    • Case report form design and creation
    • Custom database development and data specifications
    • Reporting and safety analysis
    • And, end user support and training

    Our data management results in the generation of high-quality, reliable and statistically-sound data which is critical in research implementation. Our data experts are actively involved in all stages of the clinical trial implementation, from start-up to closeout. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of study-specific data collection instruments to streamline and facilitate the collection, organization and verification of data for regulated and non-regulated studies.


  • Communication & Coordination

    Communication and Coordination

    Communication is critical to the success of multi-site research projects. RTRN has a robust environment to support communication and collaboration between our researchers and other network stakeholders. Our researchers can share ideas and generate information in secure environments utilizing leading communication and collaborative tools. Our communication services reduce the challenges of conducting research across geographical locations through the use of real-time, synchronous and asynchronous technologies. Our team of communication experts is readily available to provide customized solutions that address our stakeholder outreach, promotions and logistical support needs.
    Working with the numerous RCMI researchers, along with our industry and community partners, requires great coordination across the network. Network coordination is led by the RTRN Project Manager with the support of experienced project managers working within the Research Coordinating Center and the Data Coordinating Center. Project coordination and management aims to enhance and streamline network operations, ensure efficiencies and establish strategies for the use of Network support through its various coordinating centers, working groups and partners.