Steering Committee Meeting Dates


·       August 15, 2017

·       September 19, 2017

·       October 17, 2017

·       November 21, 2017

·       December 19, 2017

Core Resources

Dr. Robert Kirken, Chair

Education and Dissemination

Dr. Magda Shaheen, Chair
Dr. Alexander Quarshie, Co-chair

Ethics and Regulatory

Dr. Stephen Sodeke, Chair
Dr. Junko Nishitani, Co-chair
Mr. John C. Smith, Co-chair

Protocol Review

Dr. Craig Bond, Chair

Publications and Presentations

Dr. Paul Tchounwou, Chair
Dr. Ayman Al-Hendy, Co-chair

Community Engagement

Dr. Angela Sy, Chair

The RCMI CC Steering Committee is the main governing body of the cooperative network. The role of the Steering Committee is to facilitate all RCMI CC activities as it relates to conducting research studies, promoting network collaborations, and overseeing RCMI CC processes and procedures to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

In addition to these members, there is participation from the National Institutes of Health through the RCMI CC Cooperative Agreement.


Emma Fernandez-Repollet, PhD

ACC - Steering Committee Chairperson
RCMI Principal Investigator
UPR Medical Sciences Campus


Valerie Wojna, MD

Professor of Neurology

School of Medicine

UPR Medical Sciences Campus


Gene D’Amour, PhD

Sr. VP for Resource Development, RCMI Principal Investigator
Xavier University

George Perry, PhD

Professor and Dean - College of Sciences
RCMI Principal Investigator
The University of Texas at San Antonio


James Lillard, PhD, MBA

Associate Dean for Research

Professor Microbiology and Immunology

Morehouse School of Medicine



M. Edwina Barnett, MD

DCC- Director, RCMI CC Data Coordinating Center
Associate Director, RCMI Program
Jackson State University


Commissioner Larry Johnson

DeKalb County

Atlanta, GA

Karam F.A. Soliman, PhD

Professor Emeritus Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Florida A&M University

Loretta Jones

Founder and CEO
Healthy African American Families (HAAF)


Paul Tchounwou, ScD

Associate Dean, College of Science Engineering, and Technology, Distinguished Professor
RCMI Program Director
Jackson State University


Carla Williams, PhD

Associate Professor

Departments of Medicine and Community and Family Medicine

Howard University College of Medicine


Robert Kirken, PhD

Dean of the College of Science, RCMI Program Director
University of Texas at El Paso

Richard Yanagihara, MD

RCC Director
University of Hawaii


Luther T Clark, MD

Global Director for Scientific Affairs,

Cardiovascular & Atherosclerosis

Merck & Co.


Pluscedia Williams, BA

Community Instructor and Institutional Review Board (IRB) Member

Charles R Drew University


Vincent C. Bond, PhD

Professor, Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry, & Immunology, RCMI Director
Morehouse School of Medicine

William Southerland, PhD

RCMI Program Director
Professor of Biochemistry
Howard University



Emily Wang, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of General Medicine
Yale University