Sandra_ChangDr. Sandra Chang (, of the RCMI CC Research Coordinating Center, visited the RCMI programs at City College of New York and Hunter College in June to discuss potential research collaborations and resources for RCMI investigators at these institutions.  Dr. Chang is the coordinator for the RCMI CC Immunological and Infectious Diseases Cluster, the Neurological and Mental Health Diseases Cluster, and the HIV/AIDS Cluster.  On June 13, 2013, Dr. Chang met with CCNY investigators to discuss their research projects.  Potential collaborations were discussed in the areas of mathematical modeling for imaging research (Dr. Paul Gottlieb), human monoclonal antibody technology (Dr. Linda Spatz), Drosophila wound healing models (Dr. Michelle Juarez), and Drosophila immunity (Dr. Shubha Govind).  A need for lipid metabolomics services for Dr. Govind’s research group is now being explored at mass spectrometry facilities at the University of Pennsylvania, Montana State University, and Oregon Health Sciences University, which were identified using the eagle-i database.  In addition, a potential collaborator at the University of Hawaii with expertise on mouse COX enzymes was identified for Dr. Govind.  This collaboration is being followed up through the Immunological and Infectious Diseases Cluster, and will be discussed at the upcoming August cluster meeting.

Dr. Chang visited Hunter College on June 17, 2013 to explore research needs and opportunities at the RCMI Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function.  Several investigators in the Physics Department and Biology Department expressed an interest in collaborating on imaging studies and plan to present their unique imaging resources at an RCMI CC Spotlight Webinar in Fall 2013.  Dr. Maria Figueiredo-Perreira of the Biology Department was in need of a brain tissue sample repository for her neurological research.  Two potential resources for CNS tissue were located at Oregon Health Sciences University and at the Cooperative Human Tissue Network at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for her project.  Other specific investigator requests for research resources and collaborations are being followed up through the RCMI CC Research Coordinating Center.