RCMI CC 's RCC Research Implementation invites you to a webinar series:



SMART IRB & Your Institution conducted by Nichelle L. Cobb, PhD

  • Cobb is the Director, Health Sciences IRBs Office at University of Wisconsin
  • Getting ready for single IRB review? SMART IRB is here to help. This webinar provides an overview of the national program, SMART IRB, which includes a master IRB authorization agreement developed to streamline reliance arrangements as well as other resources developed, such as templates and guidance, to help institutions transition to single IRB review.
  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 3pm EST(9:00am HT; 12:00pm PT; 2:00pm CT; 3:00pm ET; 3:00pm AT)


Role of a Regulatory Compliance Specialist conducted by - Carla Porter Holloway

  • Holloway is the Compliance Resource Coordinator, ACTSI Clinical Research Assist Administrator (MSM), and Recruitment Retention Specialist at Morehouse School of Medicine.
  • A regulatory binder is one of the most essential parts of research.  Today we will discuss the purpose of a regulatory binder and its contents. Just as your data validates and or invalidates your study hypothesis, your documentation validates or invalidates your data. Your regulatory documentation tells part of the story that validates your data.
  • Thursday, March 22, 2018 3pm EST(9:00am HT; 12:00pm PT; 2:00pm CT; 3:00pm ET; 3:00pm AT)


Contracts conducted by Priscilla Johnson, MSN, Ph. D

  • Johnson is the Accreditation, Contracting and Clinical Research Compliance Officer at Morehouse School of Medicine
  • A research contract is a legal document detailing the obligations of two or more parties over the course of a research project.  It usually has specific deliverables and milestones to be met and dictates how the contracting parties will interact with each other. ‘It’s the  basic concept of getting it all on paper.”
  • Thursday, April 26, 2018 3pm EST(9:00am HT; 12:00pm PT; 2:00pm CT; 3:00pm ET; 3:00pm AT)


Is Your Site Prepared for Clinical Research conducted by Martin Edeline

  • Edeline is the Director of Clinical Studies & Operations at Morehouse School of Medicine his is monitoring at Quintiles
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to conduct clinical trials at your site?  Do you know if you have the staff or space to do so? Do you understand the fundamentals of being a Principal Investigator or Study Coordinator?  This webinar will address the ways to prepare your site for clinical trials. Areas to be discussed include: Types and Phases of Clinical trials, Roles and Responsibilities of PIs and Study Coordinators, Building a Study Team, Space needed and Investigational Product storage, Medical Records and Source Documentation, Site SOPs. Please join us and bring lots of questions!
  • Thursday, May 24, 2018 3pm EST  (9:00am HT; 12:00pm PT; 2:00pm CT; 3:00pm ET; 3:00pm AT)

Why should you be interested in this series?

Research touches EVERYONE. 

Ensure that you and those around you are doing their part effectively and efficiently!

Upon Completion of the Webinar Series you will know:

What is SMART IRB and how it affects your research?

What is the Role of the Regulatory Compliance Specialist in Clinical Research?

What to look for when reading and understand a clinical research contract?

How to prepare your site for clinical research?

What’s the difference between AE & SAE? Will they prompt an audit?




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We look forward to speaking with you soon!