The RCC seeks to harness the skills and talents of the leadership of the required key functions of Collaborations and Partnerships and Mentoring and Professional Development and, optional key functions of Community Engagement and Pilot Project Program of the RCMI,  RCTR and RCMI-CTSAs. Heightening communications and leveraging and coordination of these key function activities across the RCMI community for the purpose of increasing collaborations, improving mentoring, and producing more high-impact joint publications and greater grant success.
The RCC works with the 68 individuals heading the key functions across the RCMI and RCTR sites.  These efforts are helping to develop best practices and standards for mentoring and professional development and collaborations and partnerships.  

Key function with the support of the RCC coordinators:

  1. Promotes data sharing and best practices
  2. Fosters community engagement
  3. Facilitates mentoring teams
  4. Promotes collaborations
  5. Streamlines review process
  6. Enhances competitiveness