The translation of basic discoveries into medical applications and practice requires collaborations across disciplines and institutions. The RCMI CC Research Coordinating Center (RCC), under the leadership of Richard Yanagihara, M.D., Director, and Marilyn Foreman, M.D., Associate Director, is charged with unifying RCMI investigators from 18 institutions into a single scientific community to address health disparities. As the national biomedical and bio-behavioral research agenda transitions from a single-PI silo-science model to a multi-PI team-science paradigm with a focus on translating basic discoveries into medical applications and practice, collaborations across disciplines and institutions is becoming the new norm. Within RCMI CC , the RCC is charged with unifying the investigators and community in mutually-satisfying research to address health disparities. The RCC nurtures innovative ideas and research questions, generated from within and beyond the RCMI grantee institutions and within the lay community, by serving as a centralized coordination and communications hub to foster cross-institutional mentoring and professional development, promote inter-institutional collaborations, partnerships and resource sharing, facilitate project development, and ensure project implementation and performance monitoring.

The overall objective of the RCC is to strengthen and expand capabilities for collaborative basic research, community-partnered studies, and multi-site clinical trials on diseases that disproportionately affect underserved ethnic minority and geographically remote populations.

The Specific Aims for the RCC are aligned to the overall
RCMI CC Specific Aims:

Specific Aim 1. Enhance engagement of RCMI grantee institutions and their scientists in RCMI CC
Specific Aim 2. Enhance engagement of other stakeholders in RCMI CC
Specific Aim 3. Increase the quality and efficiency of multi-site clinical and translational research
Specific Aim 4. Enhance performance monitoring and implement potential interventions
Specific Aim 5. Facilitate coordination and project management of multi-site clinical studies