The Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) provides an organizational and administrative structure conducive for ensuring collaboration and interaction among stakeholders. The ACC functions as the RCMI CC administrative unit overseeing fiscal, contractual and regulatory issues and activities, as well as supporting and coordinating RCMI CC activities. Such activities include meetings, teleconferences, web meetings, and face-to-face meetings for the RCMI CC Steering Committee (SC), the RCMI CC External Advisory Committee (EAC), and other Research Coordinating Center (RCC) and Data Coordinating Center (DCC) activities. In addition, the ACC is responsible for coordinating and enhancing communication, marketing and outreach for the Network. Lastly, the ACC manages and coordinates the monitoring of progress and outcomes and ensures that milestones are being met and are being implemented effectively and timely.

ACC Specific Aims

  1. Oversee and coordinate the implementation/management of RCC, DCC and other RCMI Translational Research Network ( RCMI CC ) activities
  2. Monitor progress and ensure effective implementation of network SOPs and workflows
  3. Ensure timely communication between RCMI CC partners
  4. Create evaluation capacity