A group of accomplished and highly-experienced principal investigators, clinicians, data managers, statisticians, and communications and community professionals comprise the working teams for the Administrative Coordinating Center, Research Coordinating Center and the Data Coordinating Center of RCMI CC . The Coordinating Centers work collaboratively to support the investigators and their collaborative, multi-site research occurring across the Network. The RCMI CC Coordinating Centers maintain an environment for leveraging the unique and robust institutional resources within the RCMI community; work to increase utilization of these resources to bolster scientific discovery; assist with streamlining the research development and implementation processes to accelerate the delivery of culturally appropriate and cost-effective outcomes to the doorsteps of the scientists and patients. divider_pattern

With an experienced team of principal investigators, clinicians, data managers, statisticians and technical specialists, RCMI CC provides effective study development, high-quality data management, training and coordination, statistical analysis and reporting, study logistics support and resource identification that enables researchers to expedite health discovery.