Your success as a mentee depends on your ability to communicate your needs and expectations to your potential mentor.

    The more clarity you have about your strengths, goals and areas of development, the better likelihood of matching you with a mentor who can provide the support, guidance and expertise to move your research endeavors from an idea to implementable and funded projects.

  • Have a clear understanding of your motivation to be mentored

  • Select a mentor based on pre-established criteria relevant to your career goals

  • Broaden your search for multiple mentors to include faculty outside your department

  • Take the initiative

  • Have a clear understanding of your goals and the role/resources you want your mentor to play/provide

  • Be prepared to clearly communicate your expectations and listen to the expectations of your mentor(s)

  • Be flexible and willing to alter your expectations and change plans

  • Inform your mentor of your preferred learning style

  • For additional information, contact Dr. Sandra Chang, RCC Liaison and Mentoring and Professional Development Coordinator at .

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