Contact persons

Madeline Maldonado,  Patient Coordinator
• Rafael Rodríguez, PI

Patient Coordinator Services is responsible for scheduling the subjects for the research-related appointments; her goal is to facilitate the participation of the subjects in the clinical studies in collaboration with the research staff and the investigators.

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  • Data collection form design service (Support service) Includes assistance with the design of data collection forms.
  • Patients study service (Support service) Includes explaining the patients study, including the inclusion and exclusion criteria, assign appointments to research participants, and and follow-up.
  • Promotional ads service (Support service) Includes educating the PI about the requirements needed to prepare the promotional ads for newspaper and radio.
  • Scheduling service (Support service) Schedule appointments to separate examination, procedures and infusion room.
  • Screening service (Support service) Includes both pre-screening and screening of possible participants for clinical studies, development of phone screen questionnaires, and screening telephone referrals during the recruitment period, maintaining a close communication with the investigators to keep them well oriented about the status of the clinical study screening