Contact persons

• Lloyd Williams, Ph.D., Director
• Zhong Wang, Facility Assistant

The Bio-Imaging facility currently provides optical and video microscopy services. The facility is equipped with two confocal microscopes, a Leica TCS SP2, and a Perkin Elmer UltraVIEW ERS Spinning Disc confocal . In addition to confocal microscopy the facility is also equipped for bright field, phase contrast, modulation contrast and epi fluorescence microscopy. The facility has two separate wide field image analysis stations. A Nikon Optiphot microscope equipped with a color video system and Compix imaging software, and a Nikon Eclipse TE200 inverted scope. This inverted scope in specially configured to perform calcium ratio imaging is equipped with Molecular Devices Meta Fluor software The facility has recently expanded with the aquisition of a JEOL JEM-100C/CX Transmission Electron Microscope. The facility also is equiped with Typhoon 9410 scanner for the quantitation and localization of sub cellular fluorescent and radioactive molecules. In addition a Densitometer allows for the analysis of 1 and 2 D gels, Southern, northern and western blots and RFPL gels. The facility is also equipped with color and B&W laser printers for the production of publication quality graphics and presentation materials.

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  • Bio-Imaging data analysis service (Data analysis service) Image data analysis
  • Bio-imaging instrumentation training (Service) Training : life science instruments, including microscopes, plate readers, gel imagers.
  • Remote instrumentation service (Analysis service) Now a new service is ready for our remote users to get remote access to our advanced confocal microscopes for their own imaging purpose. Our service includes: (i) Leica SP2 confocal microscope: it is ideal for regular 2D & 3D scanning for fixed slide samples. Please check the following link for Leica SP2 system: Leica SP2 operational guide; (ii) Perkin Elmer spinning disk microscope: besides the regular 2D & 3D fixed slide scanning, it is also equipped with an environment chamber for live cell imaging. Also, this type of microscope system has fast scanning speed, it is ideal for cellular dynamic studies. Please check the following link for Perkin Elmer spinning disk microscope system: Spinning disk operational guide; (iii) Microscope remote control: Webex is used to setup the remote desktop sharing for microscope control. Please check the following link for Webex-based remote control operations: Webex remote control guide; (iv) PVX video conferencing for real-time consultation: during imaging experiment, PVX video conferencing system is used for real-time conversations between microscope operator and remote users to solve on-site experimental issues. Please check the following link for PVX real-time conferencing: PVX video conferencing operational guide. (v) Cell staining protocol: a simple cell staining protocol is posted here as an example: Sample staining protocol.


  • Calcium Ratio & Micro Injection Inverted Microscope (Digital microscope) Compix Color Image Analysis System (Digital microscope) Gemini EM microplate spectrofluorometer (Microplate spectrophotometer) GloMax®-96 Microplate Luminometer (Instrument)
  • JEOL JEM-100C/CX Transmission Electron Microscope (Transmission electron microscope)
  • Leica Confocal Microscope TCS SP2 (Confocal microscope) Odyssey Infrared Imager (Infrared image acquisition device) Perkin Elmer UltraView ERS Spinning Disk Microscope (Digital microscope) PowerWave HT Microplate Spectrophotometer (Microplate spectrophotometer) Typhoon Imager 9410 (Gel imaging system)