Contact persons

Vincent C. Bond, Ph.D., PI

Qing Song, M.D., Ph.D., Director

Human Genotyping Laboratory, Core Laboratory, Morehouse School of Medicine

The Human Genotyping Lab assists investigators to apply the genomic technologies to population-based research. The strategic plan is to create a link between basic science, clinical investigation and population-based research by integrating genomic sciences into our research program. The central hypothesis is that health disparities are related in part to ethnicity-specific DNA variants in critical genes that influence the susceptibility to common diseases. Morehouse School of Medicine has a longstanding interest on the studies of ethnic disparities and a longstanding strength on community outreach to underserved minority populations. Accordingly, the major objective of the MSM Human Genome Core Laboratory is to enhance the research capacity on these sample cohorts and upgrade our research to the molecular genetic level based on cutting-edge genomic technologies.

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  • Gene variations analysis (Material analysis service) Bioinformatic and computational analysis related to SNPs and other genetic variations.
  • Genotyping service (Material analysis service)


  • ABI 3130x1 Gene Analyzer (16-capillary) and associated software fro DNA sequence analysis