Contact persons

Vincent C. Bond., Ph.D., PI
Associate Professor
Emmett Neremiah, Director
Functional Genomics Core Leader
Michelle V. Leander-Griffith., Research Assistant

The Morehouse School of Medicine Functional Genomics Core is an RCMI funded core that provides fee-based microarray ‘-OMICS’ services for research investigators using glass slide technology platforms. We are an Agilent Certified Core facility and a member of the Association of Biomolecular Research Core Facilities (ABRF) worldwide. Specifically we provide assistance, or full services, from RNA isolation to scanning hybridized microarrays and raw data extraction. In conjunction with the RCMI Bioinformatics Core, we provide full services in the analyses of ‘-omics’ datasets. We support all microarray products from Agilent as well as any other array company that utilizes uncoated glass slide technologies. We also provide consultative services for custom microarray design.

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  • ChIP chromatin labeling (Material analysis service)
    • Genomic DNA library labeling (Material analysis service)
    • Microarray services (Material analysis service) Includes mouse whole genome microarrays, human whole genome microarrays, and rat whole genome microarrays.
    Available microarray services:
    * Hybridization
    * Image Quality Control
    * Scanning
  • miRNA analysis (Material analysis service)
    Service includes:
    * miRNA amplification
    * miRNA isolation
    * miRNA labeling-cyanine dye
    * miRNA purification
    * miRNA quality assessment
    * miRNA quantitation
  • RNA analysis (Material analysis service)
    RNA services offered by the Functional Genomics Core include:
    * RNA amplification
    * RNA isolation
    * RNA labeling –Cyanine dye
    * RNA purification
    * RNA quality control assessment
    * RNA quantitation


  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer (Microfluidics platform)
    Agilent DNA Microarray Scanner with SureScan High Resolution Technology (Array scanner)
    Agilent scanner (Array scanner)
    Scanner for Microarrays.
  • Robbins Scientific hybridization chamber (Hybridization chamber)