Contact persons

Laboratory Director
William Southerland, Ph.D., Director , Professor of Biochemistry

The Laboratory of Molecular Computations and Bioinformatics (LMCB) is a resource facility dedicated to the support of computational biomedical research at Howard University. The objective of the laboratory is to provide molecular modeling, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics, and computational quantum chemistry capabilities and support to a variety of research projects at Howard University.

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  • Bioinformatics consultation (Support service)
  • Software access (Access service) Provides licensed access to powerful software suites for authorized Howard University members.


  • Various molecular modeling, molecular simulations and quantum chemistry software pagkages
  • Blended mix of platforms
  • Machines
    • SGI origin200 servers
    • SGI indigo2 & octane workstations
    • SGI tezro workstations
    • SGI fuel workstation
    • Linux servers
    • Linux cluster (computer science dept)