Among the most important factors in the career path of a researcher is mentorship.

RCMI CC leverages and coordinates the existing mentoring activities at RCMI and RCTR institutions to enrich the mentoring experience of junior investigators by developing personalized mentoring teams and by increasing competitiveness for extramural funding through an internal grants review process that mirrors the rigor of the National Institutes of Health criteria. RCMI CC Mentoring activities focus on creating improved communications modalities and in identifying suitable mentors across the RCMI community and beyond, who provide effective scientific and career development guidance and direction.

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For additional information, contact Dr. Sandra Chang, RCC Liaison and Mentoring and Professional Development Coordinator at

University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of California Davis


To develop and prepare a highly-skilled scientific workforce to tackle complex health issues.


  • Create an environment that values and supports the essential role of mentoring in research and in career progression
  • Leverage the existing mentoring activities of our member-institutions which includes developing personalized mentoring teams and implementing a grant review process that mirrors the rigor of NIH criteria for more competitive submissions from junior investigators
  • Develop innovative web-based training curricula that enable the sharing of broad scientific content and training in current research techniques and applications
  • Institute technologies to enhance mentor-mentee relationships beyond institutional boarders