Histological and genetic analysis of muscle in COPD patients


This is to provide a link between muscle wasting, the physiological responses and biochemical changes in severe COPD. Characterizing the available muscle fibers morphologically, biochemically and particularly by uncovering the possible involvement of myostatin pathways in muscle wasting COPD is a unique approach and has the potential of contributing to a more thorough understanding the molecular mechanisms that lead to muscle atrophy.

Study PI/Collaborators:

PI: Suzanne Porszasz-Reisz, CDU; Co-PI: George E. Haddad, Howard; Collaborator: Janos Porszasz, LA Biomedical Research Institute


•Pivotal Role of PI3K in Mediating the Inotropic Effects of Alcohol in Cardiomyocytes
•Acute alcohol effect on cardiac pro- and anti-apopptotic pathways in the perfused adult rat heart
•Cardiac Inotropic Effects of CGRP in Adult Male Sprague-Dawley Rats
•Regulation of SERCA2a by Akt in alcoholic cardiomyopathy
•Oxidative stress level mediates the inotropic effects of alcohol on the heart
•The role of inflammatory responses in alcoholic cardiomyopathy
•Akt mediates acute alcohol inotropic effects on the heart


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