The RCMI CC Research community is invited to participate in the multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional course, Health Disparities : A Translational Research Approach.  The course is part of the UPR-MSC core curriculum of the post-doctoral Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Research ( MSc) and has been offered twice to UPR-MSC Scholars as a 2 semester credit course.

The course objective is to help advance knowledge and skills in translational research to eliminate health disparities.

The course will be offered without cost to participants under the auspices of the research education and career development NIH-NIMHD funded programs at our Campus :  R25 HCTRECD, S21 HiREC, U54 PRCTRC – Multidisciplinary Training and Career development,  in collaboration with RCMI CC for the dissemination. 

The Health Disparities course is being offered by Dr. Lourdes E . Soto, Coordinator at UPR-Medical Sciences Campus. Dr. Soto developed this course in collaboration with several academic leaders participating in the RCMI CC Education and Dissemination Subcommittee.

The main objective of the RCMI CC Education & Dissemination Subcommittee is to expand the offering of this course to all interested RCMI CC members as a professional and career development activity that will ultimately reinforce current discoveries in translational health disparities research.