eagle-i Partnership

The eagle-i Consortium lead by Harvard University, was comprised 9 founding member institutions, geographically dispersed and demographically diverse (among them 4 RCMI CC institutions) University of Puerto Rico, Jackson State University ( RCMI CC DCC), Oregon Health and Sciences University, Dartmouth University, University of Hawaii- Manoa, Harvard University, University of Alaska, Montana State University, and Morehouse School of Medicine). The Consortium accomplished the following:

  • Developed an open-source, open-ontology, semantic-search application dedicated to the discovery of biomedical research resources
  • Develop infrastructure and the platform to share information about unique biomedical research resources at all participating institutions linked up to the federated system
  • Supported open development and integration of science through simple, standard semantic web-based technologies

The RCMI CC DCC working closely with the Harvard team customized the eagle-i tool to address the needs of the RCMI CC and deployed the eagle-i system across the 18 RCMI CC institutions. Over 20,000 resources have been inventoried and are being accessed by researchers across the network with the online eagle-i search engine to support research collaboration.

eagle-i Partnership Achievements

The eagle-i resource discovery platform makes it easy for RCMI CC institutions’ researchers to discover resources available at participating universities, helping investigators accelerate their research and do more with less. 

  • RCMI CC DCC built and continues to support the eagle-i hardware infrastructure.
  • RCMI CC DCC expanded eagle-i by building and deploying the infrastructure to the 14 non-founding RCMI consortium members in addition supporting all 18 institution.
  • RCMI CC implemented the use platform at these institutions by training researchers on the use of the tool and inventorying research resources.
  • RCMI CC as result of these deployment and implementation efforts created the Research Resources and Research Networking (R3N) division to support all 18 RCMI’s sharing of resources and expertise across the consortium.
  • The eagle-i resource discovery platform makes visible 60,000+ previously invisible biomedical research resources.
  • RCMI CC has contributed 20,000+ biomedical research resources which continue to be added to the data and were previously invisible to most researchers across the network.