RCMI CC aims to bridge the valuable partnerships cultivated within our RCMIs to unite other academic, community, government and industry partners seeking to eliminate health disparities.

Becoming a Partner

We encourage research teams and organizations interested in learning more or working with the outstanding scientists, health professionals and community experts of the RCMI Network, to Connect with RCMI CC . (/connect-with-rtrn/ )

Building Partnerships

Our ability to achieve the mission of RCMI CC depends on our capacity to cooperate and work collaboratively with other investigators, organizations and the community. Partnerships are cornerstone to the strategic growth of the RCMI Network. RCMI CC provides a resource-rich environment to support collaborative partnerships between academic researchers, clinical investigators, physicians, industry professionals and community representatives and advocates. Our partnerships inspire the researchers and partners to do new and exciting things.

Advantages of RCMI CC Partnerships

Working with the RCMI Coordinating Center ( RCMI CC ) is an excellent means of capitalizing on a wealth of scientific resources and synergies across our leading research centers. Working with our scientists has provided our partners with access to communities that are critical to the exploration of health disparities solutions. In some cases, these partnerships have helped to cut costs and maximize resource utilization throughout the various phases of the studies.
  • Jumpstart strategic relationships
  • Environment for new ideas
  • Leverage the expertise of renowned scientists and investigators in health disparities
  • Network of state-of-the-art laboratories, facilities, and resources
  • Foster relationships with community experts, organizations and the public
  • Efficient processes for developing, initiating and implementing compliant multi-site studies
  • Diverse training and educational faculty, investigators and post-docs
  • Find joint results-based solutions for addressing health problems

Our Partners