Project Title: Evaluation of metronomic chemotherapy regimens in ovarian cancer models

African American women, and Hawaiian women, have disproportionately high mortality rates from ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer, particularly if not diagnosed until it reaches its advanced stages, can be a deadly disease, and therefore there is a pressing need to improve our management options for this tumor type. One possible approach involves metronomic (i.e., continuous low-dose) chemotherapy regimens are being evaluated in a number of clinical trials, including those with patients with ovarian cancer. Dr. Carney, who previously evaluated low-dose chemotherapy in ovarian cancer (Havrilesky et al Gynecol Oncol. 2003 Jan;88(1):51-7) will lead a team of investigators on this RCMI CC grant to evaluate metronomic chemotherapy regimens in ovarian cancer models. Preclinical, metronomic chemotherapy regimens produce increased survival in models of ovarian cancer. This proposal seeks to test whether the expression of the Snail and/or Stat3 proteins determines if ovarian cancers are sensitive to metronomic chemotherapy regimens.