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October 14, 2016


Dear Colleague,

As you are aware, it is an exciting time to perform biomedical research, especially as it relates to human disease. With the completion of sequencing the human genome, development of many high throughput drug screens, ability to perform exome sequencing at an affordable cost, and develop of many novel biomarkers now used in therapeutic strategies of precision medicine, having access to human patient material is more important today than ever before. This is true for the ground breaking research that is being executed at our institutions and we need to be sure that we are taking advantage of the funding opportunities that are supporting this type of research at record levels. Because of this, we feel it is time for us to reconnect with you to be sure that you are benefitting from the extensive resources that the RCMI CC has to offer.


Therefore, we are pleased to welcome you to re-join, or join as a new member, the Biorepository Working Group that works to support the many missions of the RCMI program. As such we seek your positive response to this email and for you to provide your updated contact information so that we can share current funding opportunities, newly available resources, and research strategies that require human material. We know that you will be part of a team that is addressing important issues in our community that we can share and use to promote advances in health care for our underserved populations.


However, before we can effectively pursue these lofty goals, we need your support and participation. Moreover, we would also welcome the nomination of other potential members that you feel would bring added value to this program. Your commitment can be as little as simply participating on quarterly phone calls, but we hope you will pledge additional time, especially if it benefits your own research agenda or that of your institution and your colleagues.


In closing, we are excited about your participation and hope that you will bring renewed enthusiasm and energy to something that you are already pursing in your research group. As you know, making discoveries of significant importance is easier with a team science approach and therefore we hope you will support this effort with your participation.


Sincerely yours,



Dr. Luisel Ricks-Santi-Chair of BWG                              Dr. Robert A. Kirken Chair of Core Resources Subcommittee

LUISEL.RICKSSANTI@hamptonu.edu                                           rkirken@utep.edu