Department:  Cell and Molecular Biology

Research: Molecular Pathways of the Anti-breast Cancer Effect of Bamboo Extract

Current Collaborators:

  • Xavier University

“I would very much like to thank RCMI CC for this award! The mechanism of this grant effectively catalyzes collaborations within the RCMI network, and synergizes expertise from multiple disciplines. I am very fortunate to have Dr. Thomas Wiese as my mentor and collaborator in this project. I followed Dr. Wiese’s talk at an RCMI CC teleconference, and followed up with him afterwards. It seems that he has just the right tools to search for answers to my questions. I am looking forward to working with him to utilize proteomics and molecular modeling techniques to delineate the mechanism of the anti-breast cancer effect of compounds isolated from bamboo Phyllostachys edulis, an abundant natural resource with nutraceutical and pharmacological potential. The RCMI CC Small Grant also nourishes and strengthens existing collaborations. For example, I have been collaborating with Dr. Philip Williams at Department of Chemistry, University of Hawaii during the past years on compound isolation, and this award has provided support for us to move one step further in this collaboration”