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An External Advisory Committee (EAC) has been established to guide the RCMI CC Senior Management Team in overseeing operations of the network.  Members meet two times per year (one meeting is face-to-face), and are committed to three-year terms based on a broad range of expertise including community engagement, translational research, health disparities, and other areas of importance to the network.


The RCMI CC EAC shall perform the following tasks:


  • • Evaluate progress toward stated goals
  • • Recommend changes, refinements, and improvements
  • • Identify alternative resources
  • • Assure that programmatic issues or concerns raised during NIMHD staff reviews are addressed appropriately
  • • Provide scientific and technical assistance and guidelines with respect to quality control, uniformity of data collection, management of the collective health disparity database, and data analysis
  • • Review of allocation of network resources (e.g., the Small Grants Program)
  • • Assess and recommend changes as needed to ensure optimal relevance of RCMI CC within the national health science agenda.



Claudia Baquet, MD, MPH

Associate Dean for Policy and Planning
Director, Center for Health Disparities
University of Maryland

James Hildreth, MD, PhD

Dean and Professor, College of Biological Sciences
University of California Davis

Lee Nadler, MD

Dean of Clinical and Translational Research
D.K. Ludwig Professor of Cancer Research & Teaching
Director, Harvard Catalyst
Harvard Medical School

Luis Abreu-Garcia, PharmD

Director Medical Affairs
Puerto Rico Regional Medical Research Specialist
Global Medical Affairs
Pfizer, Inc.

Uma Sundaram, MD

Director, Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center
Vice Dean for Clinical and Translational Science
Joan C Edwards School of Medcine, Marshall University

Chul Ahn, PhD

Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences
Director, Key Functions in “Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design” of CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Award)
Director of Biostatistics Core at The Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Bert Boyer, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Director, Center for Alaska Native Health Research
University of Alaska Fairbanks


Linda K. Barry, MD

Chief Operating Officer and Assistant Director of the Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Assistant Professor of Surgery

University of Connecticut Medical School/University of Connecticut Medical Center


Dan Cooper, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics

Director, UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

Associate Dean, Clinical and Translational Science

UC Irvine School of Medicine


Melva Thompson-Robinson, DrPH

Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of Health Promotion

Executive Director, Center for Health Disparities Research

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Henry Kautz, Ph.D., MS

Robin & Tim Wentworth Director of the Goergen Institute for Data Science

Professor of Computer Science

University of Rochester