MISSION: Engage RCMI investigators and other stakeholders, including academic community researchers and the lay community, to strengthen capacity for community engaged research and to enhance processes for multi-site clinical and translational research.

RCMI CC ’s biomedical and behavioral health and sciences research include community participatory engagement involving multidisciplinary scientists; lay community researchers, and the community. RCMI CC aims to reduce health disparities across its communities through research that:

• fosters collaboration among the academic investigators, community organizations, community researchers, and industry researchers, e.g., pharmaceutical companies, in translational research that yield health promotion and disease prevention interventions and clinical care that is relevant to and accessible by community members and feasible for implementation by programs that serve their communities

• disseminates accurate and easy to understand information about health research in general and community engaged research in particular and serve as a resource to support health research literacy for RCMI CC communities.

Recent Activities

1. Webinars
• Introduction to Needs Assessment of Community Engagement webinar
• Community Engagement Key Function Leader webinar

2. Needs assessment of community engaged research across RCMI

3. Cross cluster sharing of between researchers from other RCMI CC Clusters presenting their community engaged research projects and topics at monthly Community Engagement Cluster teleconference