Engage communities to foster collaborative solutions for improving minority health and reducing ethnic and geographic disparities in health


Create and strengthen academic-community partnerships to accelerate research advances aimed at improving minority health and reducing ethnic and geographic disparities in health outcomes

The RCMI CC Community Engagement Cluster can help you:

- If you are a researcher looking to learn more about how to conduct research in community settings and integrate community partnerships into your work,

- If you are a community stakeholder—clinician, community-based organization or institution staff, advocate, or policymaker—and want to benefit from RCMI CC ’s research efforts through partnering in new research or using the findings from completed research,

- If you've completed a research project and want to ensure that relevant communities hear about your work

- If you're writing a proposal and want to learn from and cite key articles in translational research

by assisting you with:

- finding a collaborator with similar interest in community and research focus

- fostering relationship with a community partner

- Facilitating the establishment of a research project with your collaborative partner

- providing guidance related to research methods design, outreach and dissemination plan for your study findings

- Helping identify community-engaged funding opportunities

- Customizing the level of community involvement to meet your research needs

Cluster Membership


Scientific Leadership

Kristina D. Mena, MSPH, PhD

University of Texas – Houston School of Public Health

Kimberly Pounds, PhD

Texas Southern University

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