As Community Outreach Director for the Clark Atlanta University (CAU) Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD), Dr. Davis’s primary responsibility is to educate the residents of the metro Atlanta area about Cancer, particularly prostate cancer. She heads several media initiatives that help to educate individuals about Cancer and establishes forums for discussion to improve healthcare and delivery.

Their radio program, Men’s Healthline with Dr. Bennett, airs every third Wednesday on CAU’s radio station, WCLK 91.9 FM. Listeners can call-in to have their questions addressed directly by Dr. Bennett or other expert panelists and guests.


The CAU community outreach efforts also include television. CAU produces a monthly
program, Lifenotes, which airs on CAU TV and a local cable station. The program focuses on providing relevant information for different types of cancers. The format includes an expert in the specific field of cancer who provides information and advice, and testimonies from cancer survivors. Information is available for the cancer patients as well as the caregivers and family members who need access to resources and support.

The CAU Community Outreach team conducts prostate seminars at libraries, churches and organizations throughout the community. They sponsor experts and survivors who interact with the attendees to help them better understand the importance of cancer education and screening. In partnership with CAU TV, the outreach team hosts an annual town hall meeting. In the past, topics have ranged from environmental issues, health disparities and the healthcare initiative.


“It has been a positive outlet for us in educating the community about prostate cancer,” said Dr. Davis. “Our work goes hand in hand with combating prostate cancer; the researchers in the labs need the tissues from the individuals screened so they can study the disease and the community needs to know the importance of those screenings,” she concluded.

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