MISSION: Identify key resources, assets, instruments, investigators and technologies to move RCMI investigators forward

The Core Resources Subcommittee (CRS) functions as a primary component of the RCMI CC Steering Committee. The Core Resources subcommittee is responsible for identifying research tools and technologies available at the participating RCMI sites available to enhance translational research. This subcommittee fosters and facilitates the development of partnerships and collaborations to enhance network studies by supporting the development of ancillary studies made possible by the resources and capabilities of these cores; thereby increasing the involvement of both RCMI clinical and basic research programs in RCMI CC network studies. The CRS is actively engaged with the RCMI CC DCC Research Resources and Research Networking towards:

  • • The surveying, identification and inventorying of biospecimen and biorepository resources across the network
  • • The support of, deployment and implementation dissemination of information gathering tools use to inventory resources across the network