MISSION: To provide scientific review capability and expertise.

Maintain and Administer a registry of grant reviewers.
• Access to this registry would be available to the RCMI CC small grants program and to RCMI Member Institutions in implementing their Pilot Projects Programs.

• Development and implementation of the registry would be in concert with the Pilot Projects Program (PPP) Key Function Leadership Group.

Provide Review Council oversight to the RCMI CC small grants program.

Recent activities

• Reviewed and ranked all Small Grant Awards applications for 2013 (Ranked top 17 and recommended 10 for funding depending on funding availability)

• Developed and implemented a survey instrument related the interest in a grants review system for RCMI CC administered by the PPC

• Established a Pilot Project Program Key Function Leadership Group in concert with the PRC

• Created a subcommittee for developing a policy to manage the registry of grant reviewers