For more than three decades, the scientists, doctors and investigators at the Research Centers in Minority Institutions, RCMI, have led national and international research initiatives that have improved the understanding of health disparities and impacted for the better how we address these health concerns in underserved and underrepresented communities.

Our institutions have leveraged the financial investments from federal grants, private sources as well as institutional endowments to deliver high-quality professional and research training programs, outfit laboratories and facilities with invaluable scientific instrumentation and equipment and provide ethical and sensitive education and outreach to the diverse populations and communities served by the RCMIs.

Training and Professional Development

More than 13,000 students have earned Ph.Ds, MDs, Pharm.Ds and DVMs from RCMI awardee-institutions. These graduates have been trained for careers in health and medical fields and equipped with the skills, knowledge and sensitivity to serve communities that are typically dubious of medical research and diagnoses.

Research Discovery

Many distinguished scholars at the RCMIs lead cutting edge scientific discoveries, and participate in noteworthy collaborations that have resulted in thousands of articles and papers published in scientific journals and magazines. In addition, numerous innovative patents and licenses have been acquired based on their research data.

Community Outreach

RCMI's commitment to ensuring the community’s involvement in the research and decisions that impact their lives has resulted in various outreach programs including mobile clinics, health fairs and workshops, forums and town meetings and the utilization of broadcast and social media for improved dissemination of health information.