RCMI CC STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING Tuesday September 20, 2016 – 3:00pm-4:30pm EST
Dial Toll Free: 1-888-263-2724
Access Code: 439 1700#
Direct Dial (Toll Number): 1-719-325-2661 RCMI CC

Chair: Dr. Emma Fernández-Repollet

1. Call to Order (1 min)
2. Roll Call and Acceptance of 6/15/2015 Minutes (3 min)
3. Introduction E. Fernández-Repollet
4. Network Update from Principal Investigator (5 min) E. Ofili
5. RCMI CC Chair Report (5 min) E. Fernández-Repollet
6. Update NIMHD Staff (5 min) X. Zhang/ M. Sayre
7. Special Presentation: Update Biorepository Initiative (20 min) L.J. Ricks-Santi

Open Discussion and Comments on the following topics:

8. RCMI CC Program-Administration Report submitted by N. Crowell
9. Update on RCC submitted by R. Yanagihara / M. Foreman
10. Update on DCC (including Nutrigenomics and Vitamin D Studies) submitted by M.E. Barnett
11. Progress Report Sub-Committees submitted by Sub-Committee Chairs
Education and Dissemination – Dr. Magda Shaheen
Community Engagement – Dr. Angela Sy
Core Resources – Dr. Robert Kirken
Protocol Review – Dr. Craig Bond
Ethics and Regulatory – Dr. Stephen Sodeke
Publications and Presentations – Dr. Paul Tchounwou
12. New Issues
Research Centers in Minority Institutions
Translational Research

Steering Committee slides:

RCC Implementation 9/15/16

RCC Update September 2016 Yanagihara final submitted

PI- RCMI CC Steering Committee Presentation 9-20-2016

Ethics and Reg Subcommittee September 2016

Educ & Diss Sub-Committee Sept 2016

DCC-Steering Committee Mtg  Sept 2016

Biorepository  Report Sept 2016

Core Resources Subcommittee Sept 2016

Comm Eng Subcommittee  Sept 2016