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To enhance the quality of your research proposal and to improve funding success

What is it?

A 90-minute, on-line personalized session for early stage investigators to meet with a data scientist and one or more subject-matter experts to discuss a specific stage of research.


  1. Crafting a Specific Aims page
  2. Refining an appropriate study design
  3. Strengthening the personal statement on your NIH Biosketch

Information for Scheduling a Studio Session

  1. Area of Assistance (Research Question and Hypothesis; Specific Aims Page; Study Design; NIH Biosketch)
  2. Type of Research: Basic Biomedical, Clinical, Behavioral, Community-engagement, Population Studies, Translational
  3. Research Area
  4. Brief summary of the research problem (1-3 sentences)
  5. Brief statement of what you hope to gain from the Studio Session
  6. Type of grant application (include link to funding announcement)
  7. Date of planned grant submission or resubmission

Enhance your research project with collaborative expert consultations!

* Confidentially of your research will be maintained at all times. Only the RTRN staff and selected subject-matter experts will view the materials you share for the Research Studio. You may also request to exclude anyone with whom you do not wish to share your research materials.