RTRN Participation

RTRN Participation is open to all basic, behavioral, clinical and translational investigators from institutions that receive funding from the RCMI program, as well as investigators from other academic health centers, health care providers, community organizations, and other relevant organizations currently conducting research, or who are interested in the furtherance of research in all disciplines related to the improvement of minority health and the reduction of health disparities.

Participation in RTRN-sponsored initiatives by investigators at institutions that do not receive RCMI support is encouraged. According to the nature of the initiative and availability of funding, participation in some activities may be limited to investigators at institutions funded under the RTRN grant award.

Benefits to participation:

  • High-level partnership and coordination
  • Resource Discovery Assistance
  • Resource development and planning
  • Collaborator Matching/Research Networking
  • Training (Biostatistics, Software Train the Trainer, Clinical Trial Management)
  • Educational Platforms Support
  • Proposal Generation Assistance through cluster participation
  • Statistical Analysis Assistance
  • Clinical Trial Management and Performance Monitoring